How to remove gel nails?

How to remove gel nails?

Gel nails are back in favor again. Extended tips in the style of Kylie Jenner or Rihanna, huge tonsils or long squares look very elegant. Nail extension and decorating is usually done in a beauty salon. And there it is best to take them off. But what if you don’t have the opportunity to visit a manicurist and your nails need to be removed quickly. How to remove gel nails?

Removing gel nails from a beautician

Before I tell you how to remove gel nails at home, it is worth taking a look at the procedure that takes place at the beautician’s.

Gel nails are very durable. However, due to the fact that your nail is alive and growing, every 3 – up to 4 weeks it is worth going to supplement the regrowth with gel. After this time, your nails may be more prone to fractures or damage, because the gel base will stick to an increasingly shorter base.

How do you remove manicurist’s gel nails? At the beginning, a specialist can slightly saw the gel with a coarse file or milling machine. After filing the appropriate layer, a gel with acetone is applied to the gel, which is wrapped in foil. Acetone dissolves the gel, which easily comes off the nail. Then the nails are polished and a basic manicure is performed. Finally, protect your nails with a regenerating conditioner and oils.

How to remove gel nails?

How to remove gel from nails at home?

There are 2 ways to remove the gel from your nails just like when you remove the hybrid. This can be done with a file (or milling machine if you have the right experience) or acetone. Theoretically, the second way is safer (because you will not damage the tile mechanically), but the agent dries the tiles strongly. It also happens that gel nail glues are resistant to acetone.

Nail gel removal

  • Gel nails must first be shortened with a clipper.
  • The next step is sawing. To make it effective, use a thick file (grain size from 150 to 180). Sawing itself requires time and attention, because often we are not sure where the artificial nail ends and our own tile begins. When sawing, often blow out pollen so as not to miss the moment when a natural nail appears.
  • When you reach your own nail, remove the gel residue with a fine-grained file.
  • Then polish the nail plate with a special polisher.
  • Acetone gel removal from nails
  • Protect the skins with petroleum jelly.
  • Dip the swab in acetone and put it on the nail, then wrap it with aluminum foil. The nails should be exposed to acetone for about 20 minutes.
  • Remove the foil with cotton pads, the gel nail should go away with them. If this does not happen, carefully pry it with a stick. If it does not go off, wrap your nails with acetone again.
  • After all, wash your hands and moisturize the cuticles and nails with oil or conditioner.

How to strengthen damaged nails?

First of all, give them a rest. Gel or acrylic nails cannot be worn indefinitely. The ally in the fight for beautiful nails will be a conditioner – you can choose the one from the drugstore, or use one of the home nail conditioners.



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