Why is organic traffic better for your website than Ads?

organic traffic

Paid advertisements can be a true source of traffic and work wonderfully for your website, but they don’t perform that well if you neglect all the activities connected with SEO and gathering the traffic organically. Although both methods have their individual benefits and flaws, search engine optimization makes you more independent and is better for your website than Ads. Let’s see some reasons why.

The results are here to stay

SEM lets you win pretty fast, it’s true. You simply pay for the ads, they get displayed in the Google search and are instantly seen by your potential clients. SEO is completely different. It takes some time and effort to build a website’s position. Nevertheless, the effort is worth waiting – the results stay with you even after you stopped paying. And the Ads… Well, they are only with you for the money. After you finish the campaign, your high positions vanish, and so does your ROI. And if you hire a qualified SEO agency, it will guarantee maintaining them for months or even years.

A multitude of possibilities

According to the studies provided by Compete.com, the distribution of clicks for paid results can only take up to 15%. In SEO, the number of clicks depends only on the amount of traffic for a particular keyword. If the phrase is commonly searched and your website is high in the search results, it might take most of the traffic by itself.

People trust the organic more than Ads

You can’t fool your users. They are probably smart enough to know which results are ads and which ones are organic. And guess what – 9 out of 10 of them will scroll right past the ads without even catching your brand’s name. Organic search results are commonly seen as more trusted sources of information. They are recognized as the ones with a better content quality and even with better products and services. After all, they fought quite hard to get where they are, and we know that nowadays Google awards the pages which are most user-friendly and provide their visitors with a real value. 

SEO upgrades your website’s quality

SEO comes with a plentitude of alterations applied to your website. Investing in a professional audit done by an agency like Fabrykamarketingu.com will show all the drawbacks that need to be fixed. And knowing the problem is the first step to dealing with it. This way you are able to make your website faster, more mobile friendly, pleasant, intuitive and functional. High quality user experience will not only bring more people. It will also make them stay. That’s the best way to outrun your competition, too!

So, now you know why SEO is better than ads. But we are not here to make you resign from it completely. Sometimes it’s a good idea to combine both methods to bring the best results. It all depends on your purpose and it’s definitely better to consult your strategy with a marketing specialist. Such a person will be able to adjust the activities according to your plans and budget to bring you the best possible results.


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