Butchers machinery – professional food and meat processing equipment

Butchers machinery

Ery Food Machinery is a professional company that has a lot of experience in selling, buying and also servicing butcher machines of various types. We want to present you our wide offer of food processing machines and equipment for the food and meat industry. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the individual categories available on the website. Feel free to contact us, we treat each customer individually and with the utmost care.

Vacuum tumblers – fresh and juicy meat

A Vacuum tumbler is a professional machine used in butcher’s and other meat processing facilities. We offer various kinds of equipment suitable for large and smaller businesses. Every piece of equipment we offer is efficient, reliable and can withstand constant use. Modern vacuum tumblers are extremely effective in massaging various kinds of meat: meat with bones, carcasses, smoked meats and poultry elements. Such a machine will improve the operation of any facility and will improve the quality of the products. Vacuum tumblers can quickly plasticize any meat without destroying its structure. This ensures that it remains fresh and maintains proper structure. These machines, saving time and energy during the production process.

Vacuum packers – packing machines for professional usage

After the meat has been butchered, it is still necessary to pack it properly. This is where our offer of thermoformers and packing machines  comes in handy. This professional equipment are very comfortable to operate and provides a quick packaging process. We offer vacuum packing machines of various sizes and power that each of you can find a model that meets all your requirements. An efficient food packaging machine is essential for companies that serve or produce food.

If you are involved in any business that involves processing food we encourage you to get acquainted with our offer. In case of any questions check out our website or contact us at Ery Food Machinery.


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